Our Mission

Our mission is to bring more awareness (especially in Asia) on the devastating effect overfishing and shark finning has on the future of not just marine life or the world but also more selfishly……..ON HUMAN LIFE!

Can you imagine your grandchildren not being able to taste seafood?
Not being able to see a real live fish?
Not being able to swim in the ocean except for special areas (there won’t be shark net’s. Instead they will be Jellyfish nets). 

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Why We Care

Shark finning is a brutal practice. A shark is caught, pulled onboard a boat, its fins are cut off, and the still-living shark is tossed back overboard to drown or bleed to death. The wasteful, inhumane practice is done to satisfy a demand for shark fins, which can fetch as much as $300 per pound. The meat, on the other hand, is far less valuable, so fishermen toss it overboard to save space for more fins.

Not only is it an intensely wasteful and harmful practice, it’s also essentially

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What Can You Do

To prevent the end of marine life as we know it, the study suggests that world act quickly — in a couple of decades, they say, the damage will be too far gone to undo. Experts promote enacting global protections and increasing current conservation efforts while ocean life is still diverse enough for the ecosystems to recover.

Whether the short track to fishlessness is accurate or not, the study’s finding that nearly 30 percent of fish species are already collapsed due to overfishing is at

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